Intense Plastic Lockers

Intense Plastic Lockers are designed to be durable and can be kept either indoors or outdoors.

Intense Plastic Lockers are rotomoulded from polyethylene and fitted with a unique RD4 cam which is 3mm thick and specially shaped. The door hinges can withstand 265kg of force. The lockers can be nested together, with corrosion resistant bolts using the pre marked fixing points.

StackingIntense Lockers are designed to be stacked on top of each other to a max height of 1800mm.The lockers can therefore be combined to the maximum height in the following ways:
• 4 x 450mm High
• 3 x 600mm High
• 2 x 900mm High
• 1 x 900mm + 2x 450mm

Lockers can be combined in other ways, both in height and colour.

Case Studies